Kola Productions is a commercial production company working with photography and film and existing out of Marco and Corina Glijnis.
We are based in Dalarna, Sweden but work all over Europe.
Specialties include portraiture, editorial, storytelling and corporate/industrial photography.
In photography, we like to combine fine art with advertisement. Using photography as the medium and we as photographers act as the artist. We work from concept to final product. 
In film, our focus is storytelling, capturing our subjects in their natural environment, showing the emotion, the craft of the situation they are in.
For rates and other creative collaborations, reach out to
marco[at]kolaproductions.se or corina[at]kolaproductons.se
We’d love to hear from you​​​​​​​.

In plain words:
#storytelling, #fineart, #advertisement, #commercialfilm, #conceptualphotography, #creativeretouch, #editorialphotography, #portraitphotography, lowkeyphotography, #highendphotography, #filmproductions
This is us
Marco Glijnis | marco[at]kolaproductions.se | +46 (0)70-272 40 88

Corina Glijnis-Noom | corina[at]kolaproductions.se | +46 (0)76-811 22 14

Behind the scenes
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