Kola Productions is a production company working with photography and film.
We are based in the region of Dalarna and working for clients all over Sweden and abroad. 
We love to work with creative visual concepts. This may for example include assisting clients with incorporating visual storytelling into their marketing plan.
In film, our main focus is storytelling. The narrative story and the message are enhanced with technically inspiring and interesting cinematography. 
In photography, we like to combine fine art photography with advertisement, and in this way create a new and intriguing expression in the image.
In our extensive online photo library you will find high quality, mostly nature related images. With our experience and expertise we help you find the right image for your needs.

In plain words:
#storytelling, #fineart, #advertisement, #commercial film, #conceptualphotography, #creativeretouch, #editorialphotography, #portraitphotography, #imagearchive
This is us
Marco Glijnis | marco@kolaproductions.se | +46 (0)70-272 40 88

"For me photography is painting with light. Composing the image into a work of art.

People makes me curious. Portrait photography is my way to show that each person is unique.
Telling the story in short length films, is the power of 24 frames per second for me."
Corina Glijnis-Noom | corina@kolaproductions.se | +46 (0)76-811 22 14

"My Dalarna with all its fascinating traditions, culture and stunning landscapes motivates me to go out
and nail it. See the result in our online photo library"
Behind the scenes
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