With Project We, we want to show that everyone of us has a history of our own, we are our own persons and it´s from each and everyone´s personal deeds we should be measured - if we now has to be measured at all. 
It´s so easy to put each and everyone of us in a little box with an label, whether we feel at home in that box or not. 
We want to scrape on that label and find whats under it.
The first label we scraped on often says ”Refugee”, or ”Immigrant” or ”Foreigner”. When we did that we found that behind the label there are stories, destinies, and a longing for peace and security. Maybe thats the lowest common denominator. Everyone needs security.
We promise to scrape on more labels in coming phases of the project.
So please visit us every now and then. We will return with stories from the people that makes us become we.
Read more at: www.projektvi.se
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